Why should my company or institution join CIEC?

First and foremost, membership promotes reductions in large consumers’ energy bills that result in quantifiable benefits to members. In addition, members are provided with the most important, current information to make energy planning decisions. Membership in CIEC also means that your company will have a cost-effective means to impact energy policies and rates in Connecticut. Moreover, membership in CIEC will inform you of options and provide you with information critical to making the best energy procurement decisions. CIEC is the only organization that exclusively represents the interest of large energy consumers in Connecticut.

What are the quantifiable benefits of membership?

The quantifiable benefits that your Company may expect from membership include avoided energy costs and more energy savings opportunities because of the positions that CIEC advances at the Connecticut Department of Utility Control, ISO-NE, the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. For example, in recent rate cases CIEC was instrumental in helping utilities to maintain certain rate options and design rates based on cost resulting in millions of dollars in avoided cost savings.

As a member of CIEC, you are provided the latest information available on legislative, regulatory and judicial activities impacting the price and availability of energy services in Connecticut. CIEC’s technical, reguatory and government relations resources will help you interpret and understand the actions of policymakers and regulators. Bi-weekly conference calls provide regular updates on legislation and administrative hearings.

CIEC members are uniquely positioned to discuss and influence energy policies through regular meetings with legislative leaders, energy administrators and utility executives.

CIEC members are assured input into state and federal laws and regulations on a day-to-day basis through activities of CIEC’s legal and governmental affairs staff that monitor and participate in matters before the Connecticut General Assembly, the Department of Public Utility Control, the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, Congress and federal regulatory agencies. No other entity in Connecticut exclusively represents the interests of large commercial and industrial customers.

CIEC members have a regular opportunity to meet with vendors and other industrial energy stakeholders to discuss important developments and new products.

Are there other benefits of membership?

Yes. Membership provides you with the opportunity to be heard on important energy issues affecting your facilities through a collective, powerful and respected voice. It is important to understand that there are no other parties effectively representing the interests of large energy consumers in Connecticut. CIEC is the only representative of large energy consumers in Connecticut energy proceedings. Members also benefit from the up-to-date information on energy-related issues that counsel provides consistently throughout the year. Finally, members benefit greatly from having the ability to discuss general or specific energy-related questions with counsel or other members at Board of Directors and general membership meetings, or by phone or e-mail.

Is there a usage threshold to qualify for membership?

CIEC does not have a minimum usage threshold to qualify for membership. For most CIEC members, energy costs comprise a significant portion of their organization’s product cost and/or operating cost.

Are there other criteria for membership?

Membership is open to any industrial, commercial or institutional energy consumer that is (i) located in Connecticut, (ii) seeking to expand its existing operations in the State, or (iii) planning on locating a new facility in Connecticut. Membership is limited, however, to industrial, commercial and institutional energy consumers – utilities, marketers and suppliers are not eligible to join. This requirement allows CIEC to take clear, uncompromised positions on behalf of its members.

How can I become a member of CIEC?

To become a member of CIEC, applicants must complete and submit a simple application form. A copy of the application form can be found on this website under “Membership Application Form.” Upon the application being submitted, it then is reviewed by the Board of Directors, which votes promptly on all new applicants.

What are the dues to be a member of CIEC?

There are annual dues that all members of CIEC pay. Dues are a function of both the annual budget set by the members and size of an individual company load. The dues pay for administration of the organization and fund representation for proceedings that have an impact and affect all CIEC members.

Where can I get additional information?
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E-Mail: CIEC@ctenergyconsumers.com

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