About CIEC

The Connecticut Industrial Energy Consumers (CIEC) is an organization of large Connecticut energy users that proactively works to represent the interests of its members on energy issues in regulatory and judicial proceedings and at the Connecticut state legislature by promoting customer-driven energy policies. CIEC’s over-arching goal is to assure its members an adequate, efficient and reliable supply of energy at competitive prices.

Since 1979, the CIEC has worked to support the interests and importance of the manufacturing and large commercial communities in Connecticut. With over 6,000 companies, Connecticut manufacturers and large commercial businesses account for over 12% of the state’s economy, provide employment to more than 190,000 residents and pay over $460 million in property taxes to the state’s towns and cities. Industrial and large commercial energy users face important challenges in Connecticut. In addition to the competitive pressures of a global market, the rapid pace of technological change, and the rising cost of raw materials, Connecticut’s price for industrial electric energy is 75% higher than the national average and the price of industrial natural gas is nearly 70% higher than the same average. To address this cost disparity, CIEC works with elected officials, suppliers and state and federal regulators to promote reliable sources of energy that are fairly priced.